Autumnal Heartaches

Once upon a time

Love blooms like daffodils under the summer sun.

But years had passed

the bloom has been faded,

falls and withered,

and all that’s left is an

Autumnal Heartaches.

Copyright ©2017 Verliza Gajeles. All Rights Reserved.


Prisoner in a Cage (07/09/2016)

As little egg cracked to life

A tiny head peered out, ready to dive

Out of the shell to the beauty and reality

Of this wonderful world of kindness and cruelty.

Its tiny beak let out a soft sigh

To its first ever eagle’s cry

Trying to figure out how could it be

That his mother is nowhere to see.

Confusion and unexplainable fear

The little eagle shed some tears

Its innocent heart flow into a rage

When he found out he is in a cage.

He begs for help but no one could hear

No one could even see its tiny tears

Lonely, hopeless, — is all he could feel

Why on earth this world becomes so cruel?

Copyright ©Verliza Gajeles. All Rights Reserved. | Year Posted 2017.

Autumnal Heartache (11/19/2016)

Summer fades and passes away 

Just like our love wasn’t meant to stay 

The sound of rustling leaves 

So cool to hear 

Like the music of the season 

Whispering your name.

The soft frosty wind blew gently 

To the sunbathed fields 

Carpeted with the collision of red and gold

The warmth of love has now felt so cold.

Walking past the withered hedges 

Reminiscing our Autumn history 

Tears falling, fogging the view 

Of misty valleys filled with smoke-blue.

‘Tis the season of goodbye’s 

The year’s last smiles 

Just like you and me 

Once upon an Autumnal sunrise.

Copyright © Verliza Gajeles | Year Posted 2017

Hidden Emotions (04/08/2017)

I want to say it but not just yet.

I’m afraid that I can’t stand the kind rejection that you’re going to say.
I want to say it but I can’t.

I can’t find the right words to say.

I want to sing it in a song
but I’m out of tune;

Whisper it in your ears
but I can’t get any closer to you;

Write it in a poem
but I’m running out of words.
So, let me just paint it
not in a canvas but in my smile;
And I wish you can read the message through my eyes.

Because no matter how much I’ve wanted to say
I just can’t.
Not just yet.
Not when I’m ready.
Not when you’re done loving her.

Copyright ©2017 Verliza Gajeles. All Rights Reserved.

His Sweet Nothings (07/12/2017)

“My love for you is as high as the mountains,

as wide as the universe,

and as deep as the ocean”,

he once told me.

So, with no hesitations,

I soared with his love,

explored the universe,

and let myself fall freely into the ocean

where his love awaits

knowing that he would always catch me.

But he didn’t.

He just watched me hanging,

let me get lost,

then left me drowning.

Copyright © Verliza Gajeles | Year Posted 2017.